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by Steve Roat
446th Webmaster

The Beachbell Echo is a quarterly newsletter published by the 446th Bomb Group Association. It is free to all members. Anyone can become a member, just email us for details at 446thbg@gmail.com

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The 446th Bomb Group Association was founded by the men who flew the missions and supported the flight crews. As these men "fold their wings", it is left to their descendents, the children and grandchildren, to pass on this important history to succeeding American generations. I am the son of a 446er, and have been heartened by the people of Europe who have contacted me, such as schoolteachers, seniors who lived through the ordeal of war, and those from my own generation who know that their freedom comes courtesy of people they will never know. If they can remember, so can we.

Those of us whose fathers served have a duty to their memory. Join the 446th Bomb Group Association. Attend reunions. Volunteer to help. Participate. It's worth it. It's the least we can do.

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