What follows is an account of the war through the eyes of Milton Gordon. It combines the web pages of the 446th and my father’s flight log and diary. I find his eyewitness accounts vs. the official reports of the web page quite interesting. This is especially true for December 27, 1944.

I have edited out the personal parts of my Dad’s diary. He was a private man who was proud of the service he gave to his country.

My Dad did not speak to his three daughter’s about his experiences in England.

I did know that my Dad received the Distinguished Flying Cross and my curiosity as to why started my search. My twin sister has my Dad’s flight log and diary. What appears below is my labor of love to determine why he received this citation that he was very proud of. (Still don’t know why because his official military records were lost in a fire.) What I have learned is what my Dad experienced. While he would disagree (he would say that he was just doing his job) I know that he was a member of the “Greatest Generation”.

Milton Gordon (born in Montana in 1918) and Sylvia Gordon (born 1917) were married for 49 years. Milton passed away in 1991 and Sylvia in 1994. They leave behind their three daughters, three sons-in-law and six wonderful grandsons. They instilled in all of us a love of family and the moral fortitude to live happy, productive and modest lives.


Hedda Gordon Spector



Key:  FL=  Flight Log,    WP=446th Web Page Information,    D= Diary

List of Mission Dates: Mission Location

1.      October 26, 1944: Minden

2.      October 30, 1944: Wesermunde

3.      November 10, 1944: Hanau airfield

4.      November 11, 1944: Bottrop

5.      November 25, 1944: Bingen

6.      November 30, 1944: Neunkirchen

7.      December 2, 1944: Bingen

8.      December 4, 1944: Koblenz

9.      December 11, 1944: Karlsruhe

10.  December 12, 1944: Hanau

11.  December 24, 1944: Rheinbach

12.  December 25, 1944: Murlenbach

13.  February 19, 1945: Siegen

14.  February 21, 1945: Nurnberg

15.  February 22, 1945: Northheim

16.  February 24, 1945: Hannover/Misburg

17.  February 26, 1945: Berlin

18.  March 1, 1945: Augsburg

19.  March 3, 1945: Magdeburg

20.  March 11, 1945: Kiel

21.  March 15, 1945: Zossen

22.  March 22, 1945: Kitzingen

23.  March 23, 1945: Munster

24.  March 31, 1945: Brunswick

25.  April 4, 1945: Wesendorf Airfield

26.  April 8, 1945: Roth Airfield

27.  April 9, 1945: Landsberg

28.  April 16, 1945: Landshut

29.  April 18, 1945: Passau

30.  April 21, 1945: mission scrubbed/flew with Grossman/turned out at I.P./ got sortie      credit

FL: October 26, 1944:  Minden "Big Drip" 4-2000 bombs flack light-2flack holes overcast--good navigation  7 hours

WP: October 26: Minden
In spite of a solid undercast, a canal was hit with very good results. Several miles of the canal dried up as a result.

FL: October 30, 1944:  Big Drip 20-300-M31 bombs   flack heavy  inaccurate  lead got lost--no one knows where we dropped bombs--target Hamburg. overcast.   too much turning for navigation  7 hours   no flak holes   Elaine Lois 5:30PM (note: reference to my father’s first daughter being born.)

WP: October 30: Wesermunde
The target was bombed with unobserved results.

FL: November 10, 1944: "F" Fredie   Miss Beau Haven  40-100GP bombs  no flack-no fighters 3/10 to 90/10th  overcast--no compass, no Gee D&M  Tired-- Hanau airfields  6 hours 15 minutes

WP: November 10: Hanau airfield
18 planes attacked through complete undercast. Time delay bombs were used.

FL: November 11,1944: Bottrop--near Essen  Q. Queenie  Big Drip  oil dump-flak medium  two holes good navigation  near hit 5 hours 5/03 to 10/10th overcast PFF  24-250 GP's

WP: November 11: Bottrop
Intense flak and complete cloud cover met the crews as they bombed a synthetic oil plant.

FL: November 25, 1944: Bingen-- Marshalling Yards  Q Queeny  Big Drip  no flack-no trouble-Gee out  6 hrs 55 min  5/10 overcast  (?)immer rusts' eng. finished  12 bombs all leaflets

WP: November 25: Bingen
38 planes attacked the marshalling yards with good results reported.


FL: November 30,1944: Neunkirchen  A. Able  No flak, no fighters  Bombs hung up--DeVeau kicked them out over the channel, came back alone  Nav. good-radio-only me & (?)

10/10 over cast   star dust 6:30 GH

WP: November 30: Neunkirchen
The marshalling yards were bombed through solid cloud cover. An unnamed plane (42-51272) received a direct flak hit in its bomb bay, split in 2, and crashed. The pilot was blown free by the explosion and parachuted safely to the ground where he was taken prisoner, but the other 10 crewmen were killed. Another unnamed plane (42-51115) was severely damaged by debris from the explosion of the first. One crewman was killed by the debris, another bailed out but died later. The remaining 8 bailed out and landed safely in Allied occupied territory.

FL: December 2, 1944: Bingen  Q Queeney  Big Drip  Leaflets  No flak No fighters  good mission  no trouble  10 leaflets  2-500 GP  10/10 overcast  see leaflet for particulars  Gee--radio--good log GH  6hrs. 15 min

WP: December 2: Bingen
33 planes attacked the marshalling yards through clouds with unobserved results. 2 planes and crew were lost for unknown reason, the heavy clouds masking their troubles from other crews. "She's Mine" (42-95105) and "Tiger" (42-51100) carried a total of 21 men, all of whom were killed.


FL: December 4, 1944: Koblenz  started in Q Queeny to runway- flew mission in t-tear-White LIghtening  10-500 GPs  2-incendary(?)  Primary overcast kit(?)  Secondary-PFF-flack medium to heavy  not accurate--hit target  good navigation  7:30


WP: December 4: Koblenz
20 planes attacked the marshalling yards with unobserved results.


FL: December 11, 1944: Karlsruhe  C-Charlie  not bad, weather good-hard time finding formation, finally caught them over France  Lost one engine on bomb run--lost--came home alone--tired--but happy  little flack  7:35  no fighters-- good support


WP: December 11: Karlsruhe
34 planes attacked a rail bridge through heavy clouds with unobserved results. "Black Magic" (42-110093) was hit by flak and crashed, killing all 11 crewmen.


FL: December 12, 1944: Hanau  330-G-George  Umbriago  overcast  take off- could not find formation  flew with 389th and went over target with them 10/10th overcast until we hit Germany-then it became visual-good pilotage  B24 blew up on bomb run-–flack heavy  no damage--good navigation  lost one engine after leaving Germany came back alone  tired but felt good  one plane ditched North Sea  6 dead & 4 unexpected to live  12-500 GP's salvoed  hit target  marshalling yards no fighters  good support  7 hrs


WP: December 12: Hanau
The marshalling yards were hit with good results. One plane, "Wedding Belle" (42-95178), crashed in the channel, killing all 11 on board.


FL: December 24, 1944: Rheinbach  524 Big Drip Q Queeney  clear weather  no clouds good pilotage  compass out flack heavy  not accurate  Bob Theis(?) went down   co-pilot flew with another squad 6:15 hrs. Log, medium-felt good


WP: December 24: Rheinbach-Euskirchen/Ahrweiller
Several communication centers were hit with good results.


FL: December 25, 1944: Murlenbach  089-0-OBRE-Shady Sadie  20 GP's 250th & 2 incend. clear weather  good navigation, no flack  no fighter, tactical target  support ground troops 4:30  a dozen complete


WP: December 25: Murlenbach
The railyards were attacked with good results reported.


D: December 27, 1944: Briefing at 4:25 take off 7:25 Q Queeney-engine one would not start, starter out, trying to start it with an electric starter, something happened, it backfired  HIt line chief Sgt. Fox on head, Mazurek (?) and I gave him first aid used my coat for a blanket took him to hospital in ambulance. Washed up and cleaned up best we could, and got ready to take off in Umbriago-G George 330- take off delayed one hour  started off 8:45. got airborne, something went wrong crashed (Pilot killed.!) (Andrews, J.C.) co-pilot got out, without turning of switches. Help R.O. get up to turn off switches R.O. cut on head and broken arm  taken to Deiss, Eng--cut on head probably skull fracture or concussion. Every one else got out o.k. one gunner slight cut on head. I have a sore foot  x-rays taken, no results. Had to use both hands to pull foot out of wreckage. Came to dispensary. Sat around told our story, everyone else went to sleep. I went to Church and it sure made me feel better--Jewish Chaplain, visiting base Good sermon  came back to Dispensary went to sleep got up 11PM had cake and such went back to sleep



WP: December 27: Kaiserslautern
18 planes hit a rail bridge with fair results and 7 more hit Enkenbach. 1 plane (42-50330) crashed on takeoff, killing the pilot. A second plane (42-50491) experienced multiple engine problems and ditched in the channel, killing 7 crewmen. The remaining 3 were rescued. A third plane (42-51312) was hit by flak and the crew was forced to bail out. 6 crewmen were taken prisoner, and 4 landed in allied occupied territory and returned to base. A fourth plane, "Shoo Shoo Baby" (42-52747), experienced severe engine damage and crashed in Belgium. All crewmen bailed out safely.


December 27: Kaiserslautern
This plane, piloted by 2/Lt Jerome Andrews, crashed while taking off in fog. Andrews was killed, 3 others were injured












WP: February 19: Siegen
39 planes hit the marshalling yards with unobserved results.


D: February 19, 1945: Flew mission Siegen  First mission at group –- 13th  all told –- no flack no fighters 10/10th  coverage  good mission  P-Peter 624



WP: February 21: Nurnberg
The marshalling yards were attacked with unobserved results by 36 planes.


D: February 21, 1945: flew mission, Nurnberg #14   2nd at group  low left.  came back safe and sound –- one flack hole  otherwise easy mission


WP: February 22: Northheim
The roundhouse was blown to bits and the marshalling yard and railroad tracks were hit with excellent results. The 446th flew as part of a massive 6,000 plane force and bombed from just 8,000 feet.


D: February 22, 1945: High right (?)   flew mission formed 12500. clouds on way in –- went down to 8500 for bombing  clouds above   good pilotage and good mission   hit target  tired


WP: February 24: Hannover/Misburg
Both targets were hit through cloud cover with unobserved results.


D: February 24, 1945: flew mission  briefing 4:00 –- take off 7:15 –- delayed 2 hrs  took off  9:15 –- x-ray-933  Misburg  Air Ref. East of Hannover   6 letter  3 Vali(?)  wrote Sylvia & Elaine  Easy mission  14 to go –- P77 –- deputy(?)lead


WP: February 26: Berlin
The group led a large force as 3,000 tons were dropped on the German capital with unobserved results.


D: February 26, 1945: flew mission –- briefing 5:45 –- Berlin –- got back 71/2 hrs screening(?) force –- told our promotions went into squad  –F. Fredi-909-5th lead


WP: March 1: Augsburg
9 planes bombed the Messerschmidt plant through cloud cover.


D: March 1, 1945: Grossman missing   hope he landed in Belgium  flew mission 8:45 hrs  6th lead


WP: March 3: Magdeburg
The final mission to Magdeburg ended successfully, as excellent results on the synthetic oil plant was reported. The group was met by intense flak and 4 ME 262 enemy fighter jets.


D: March 3, 1945: flew mission –- Magdeburg --7:30  1st(?) lead –- Bux came back –- Grossman came back


WP: March 11: Kiel
32 planes hit the submarine yards with unobserved results.


D: March 11, 1945; flew mission to Kiel


WP: March 15: Zossen
The German General Staff headquarters were bombed, but with poor results.


D: March 15, 1945: mission to Zossen   15 m. s. of Berlin  G.A. Hdg  8hrs easy mission  

 9 to go


WP: March 17: Hannover
19 planes attacked the armament works with unknown results.


D: March 17, 1945: flew fearless(?) freddy –- 3 hrs


WP: March 22: Kitzingen
Excellent results in almost perfect weather were reported on this mission, to an airfield.


D: March 22, 1945: flew mission 10th at group   Kitzingen  8:10 hrs  8 to go


WP: March 23: Munster
20 planes bombed the marshalling yards with very good results reported.


D: March 23, 1945: flew mission to Munster  flack accurate  heavy -– one hole,  Bux came back- – wing dead(?)   7 to go  DeVeau flew as bombadier –- finished and was he happy  D-Dog 579 6:00  11th at GP –- promotion came through as of March 21st


WP: March 31: Brunswick
The armament works was bombed through heavy clouds.


D: March 31, 1945: Brunswick 6:30   not bad –- flack moderate inaccurate

gas leak  sweated out return Pa__(?)__ finished. flew with Armantrout  a good crew –- T-bar 6 to go  12 lead at Gp – wing Deputy(?) lead(?)


WP: April 4: Wesendorf airfield
The airfield was bombed with good results. Colonel Troy Crawford, 446th CO, was flying in an RAF Mosquito as an observer. While trying to join with the group, 2 ME 262 fighter jets flew along side Colonel Crawford's plane. The RAF Mosquito, like a German ME 262, was a twin engine aircraft and, from a distance, they look a bit alike. When the crews saw what they thought were 3 ME 262's coming at them, they opened fire and did their job well, knocking the Mosquito out of the air. Colonel Crawford and his pilot parachuted to the ground and were taken prisoner. In just a week and a half, their POW camp would be liberated.


D: April 4, 1945: flew mission   Briefed at 3am  8 hours  attacked by fighters for 45 min. A mosquito with (?)  Colnel Crawford shot down  hope he got back safe.  Plenty of flack.  a rough mission. group lucky.  all got back safe & sound.  5 more to go  T-bar 707th low left Inlow(?) pilot  group flew division lead


WP: April 8: Roth airfield
1,000 pounders and incendiaries were dropped with good results.


D: April 8, 1945: flew with Fierro #2 to Roth A.F.


WP: April 9: Landsberg
Numerous hits were reported on runways and planes at this airfield.


D and Fl: April 9, 1945:  flew with Fierro –- 27 Landsberg   saw a plane ditch in Channel  no flack –- no fighters  Landsberg A/F No flack  No fighters  __?__ lead 91% hit 2000 ft circle  355- L(?) Love - Maiden Head   8 hrs  good lead 13th with Fierro  good pilotage 


WP: April 16: Landshut
Good results were reported as the group bombed a marshalling yard.


D and Fl: April 16, 1945: flew #28 Landshut –- Deputy Wing Lead –- fair flack to Augsgurg(?)  long 9 hrs. Puk(?) finished  Landshut M/Y(?) flack over Augsberg(?) 2 ships from 93rd went down  D. lead –- wing took over bomb run  80% hit 2000   no fighter  fair lead 579 to Dog Mass__?__ #2  Pilotage with Fierro  15th at group  9 hours


WP: April 18: Passau
A marshalling yard was attacked with good results


D: April 18, 1945: flew –- Passau –- Capt Blower –- finished 29 in 1 to go happy but sweating  Chas(?) good pilotage   good hits 9:20 hrs