William J. Horean

William J. Horean wanted to leave college to participate in the war effort. People
tried to dissuade him from joining; however, Horean wanted to join the Army Air Corp. He was slight of build and had to over eat for a week in order to meet the weight requirement.

Horean was the bombardier in the 8th Air Force, 446th bomb group, 706 squadron.

Marvel Domke, the pilot, wrote: After ten missions we were selected to be a “Lead Crew” to lead a Squadron of 12 planes or the Group of 36 planes. My crew worked and trained hard, perfecting our skills, as a result we led the entire Eighth Air Force in Bomb Strike records during the Month of December 1944 ... during the “Battle of the Bulge”.

Our tour Bombing record bases on all available strike photos of the 20 missions we led was: 76.4% of all bombs hit inside the 2000 ft. diameter circle of the Pinpointed center of target.

Wiliam J. Horean was awarded the The Distinguished Flying Cross.

He was a member of the Consortium of the Masons.

He took advantage of the GI bill to finish his undergraduate education and went on to pass the exams for a doctorate in Speech and Hearing. He developed speech and hearing programs in central Pennsylvania for children and adults. He worked two jobs for many years – school system and hospital. He mentored many students who went on to develop their own programs in schools and colleges. His programs were recognized by the Pa. Dept. of Health and the Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation.

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