Malvern Howard Jones

Photos submitted by his daughter, Martha Weldin

The flight crew of Shack II with 2 members of the ground crew:
Back row: Ernest Langdon, Al Branch, Warren Bardell, Charlton F. Dupuy, Don Smith, and Joe Betterino
Middle row: John McKenna, Isaac Lengle, Don Martin
Front row: Malvern Jones, Bertram Forbes







Engine change on Shack, D-Day June 6, 1944 (6 hrs) Bruce Chelstrom, Raymond McDouough, Forbes, Malvern Jones


This record-setting engine change is referenced in the "Story of the 446th Bomb Group" book in the section D-Day: Minus and Plus..." Ground crews worked through the night and day to keep the maximum number of planes ready to fly. In the 704th a new engine arrived for the Shack II. Normally an engine change is a 24 hour job, but twenty-four hours after this one had arrived the Shack II had been out twice."

Names for the men in this photo are unavailable






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