Robert H. Lowry Jr.

Robert H. Lowry Jr. served his country in the United States Army Air Forces in Europe. He was a part of one of the great bomb groups in the Mighty Eighth Air Force. He was based in Bungay, England with 446th Bomb Group, assigned to the 707th Bomb Squadron. Robert began his training in 1943, moving from Nebraska to Utah, and finished his basic combat training with his crew at Gowen Field, Ida. But, he still needed to go overseas to Nuts Corner, Ireland to complete training. After training he was moved to Bungay where he took part in the European Theatre going on such missions as Frankfurt, Berlin, Cologne, Borrisborn, and more. He flew with his crew in a B-24J Liberator, Pentwater's Pet, and it was. Throughout his whole tour with his crew he lost only one crewmate, Lt. Clifford H. Vaughn. He died when he was flying as an observer in the 706 Sqdn. When they went to release their bombs they did not drop, but the pins were pulled so the ship exploded and broke in two. The only sole survivor of the explosion was the pilot, who was taken POW. Today he lives on by my uncle who was named after him. In between missions he would either take a Liberty Run, play cards, craps, etc. or go to a U.S.O. show. I can recall a page from his diary, he went to see a football game between a local team and an 8th AAF team, the game ended in a scoreless tie! Robert completed his combat tour in the European Theatre, of 35 missions, on March 10, 1945, with 6 Oakleaf Clusters, 3 stars, etc. Sadly, he died on November 16, 1995, before I really got to know him. Today his memory lives on in the hearts of his four children, and four grandchildren. I am his only grandson, Robert H. Lowry IV, and I am also a proud and privileged member and supporter of the 446th Bomb Group Association.