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The 446th has these books available for purchase
The 446th Revisited
Remembering My War
Bombs Away Buckaroos!!
History of the 446th: A Photojournal

The 446th Revisited

What did Grandpa do in the war?
This book answers your questions

It's a book you, your children, and grandchildren will enjoy reading.
It tells what life was like during World War II -- for our families as well as the men serving with the 446th.

First hand accounts by our fellows about:

  • Training
  • The trip over on the Queen Mary
  • The flight to Bungay
  • Life on base
  • The ground crew
  • Life as a POW
  • Returning to the states
  • Deactivation
  • Reunions
  • The work of the Associaton

First hand reports on what Flixton is like today and what has happened to the base by 446ers who have visited Bungay

Names -- All those ever associated with the 446th are listed in the book

----------and much, much more!!!!!!!!!!!

----------Maps, photos, art, diagrams!!!!!!!

23 color and 39 black and white photos bound with 350 exciting pages in a hard cover edition. A must read.

Sold Out
Perhaps you can find a copy in your local library or for sale by a used bookseller.


Remembering My War
By Lt. Col. Paul Armentrout

Written by a pilot in the 446th, this book is a part of the story of the 446th Bomb Group, told through the words of someone who was there to experience it all for you. This beautifully made soft-bound book is 131 pages of stories, remembrances, photos, and maps.

To order direct from the author, send a check for $24 (includes mailing costs) to:

Paul Armentrout
375 NW Jasper #16
Dallas, OR 97338



Bombs Away Buckaroos!!
Rick Albright

Accompany Lt. Carl H. Albright as he pilots a B-24 heavy bomber on 35 missions over Germany. Read the diaries of the crew and learn of the close calls, tragedies and camaraderie these men experienced as they flew their B-24 into enemy territory and back!

A printed copy is available from the publisher for $12.99, or you can download it for free. Just visit



History of the 446th: A Photojournal

This book is SOLD OUT. However, you may be able to find a copy for sale privately. Check eBay or do a Google search.

Originally published in 1946, it was reprinted in 1988 with additions of
crew pictures and stories of these crews in battle. This updated 2003 edition of 281 pages features 2,745 names added to the roster printed in the first edition in 1946. Thirty crew pictures plus pictures of work and play on the base have been included in this new edition. Men of the 446th have written personal accounts of their own experiences in the air and on the ground as they served their country during WWII.
Spiral bound with soft double cover and back.


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