Lt James Merriman

Standing: Sgt Robert Myers, Cpl Floyd Meckler, Sgt Robert Micken, Sgt Kenneth May, Sgt Pearce Morrissey
Kneeling: Lt James Merriman, Lt Jay Carr; Lt James Casey; Lt Frederick Riedel, Sgt Glenn Grant

Captain Kenneth Underwood

Standing: J.G Drake (nee Domovich), Navigator; Capt. Kenneth P. Underwood, Pilot; 1Lt A. Simmons, Co-Pilot; Theodore G. Brown, Bombardier;
Kneeling: Al Dahl, gunner; Thomas H. Sands, Radio Op; Leroy R. Strasser, gunner; TSgt David C. Clarkston, Engineer; George K. Mayfield, gunner; A.G. Stringer, gunner

"Ronnie" - Carl Hornbuckle

These first of these two photos was taken in England, the second stateside in Topeka. The first photo shows some unidentified ground crewmen. I don't know the order of the men pictured, but the flight crew is:
Red Scritsmier, co-pilot; Hank Lambertson, navigator; Carl Hornbuckle, pilot; Walter Beirne, bombardier; R. Holcomb, nose turret gunner; Max Feldman, radio operator; Grover Pickle "Pic", ball turret gunner; Bill Edinger, engineer; Spencer Loehr "Spence", top turret gunner; Bill Forauer "Shorty", Tail turret gunner

"Ronnie" - Lt. Austin Lloyd

Standing L-R: Sgt James Morse, tail gunner; Sgt William Provan, ball turret gunner; Sgt Gordon Tuck, waist gunner; Sgt Joseph Schuette, nose gunner; Sgt John Carr, engineer; Sgt Charles Melton, radio operator
Kneeling L-R: Lt Austin Lloyd, pilot; Lt William Mah, co-pilot; Lt Kurt Kersten, navigator;
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