Unknown Crew

Walter B.(Brown) Scurlock is kneeling at the far left

If anyone can identify the rest of the crewmen, please let us know.

Raymond Goedell

Standing L-R: Jacob Katz, Charles A. Hay, Jacobs, James W Cisco, Russell Graham,
James Henson
Kneeling L-R: James Vaughn, Victor Bovelle, Raymond Goedell, Unknown

Franklin S. (Bud) Hubbell

Standing, L-R: Ass't engineer: B. R. Bishop; Arm. Gun.: J. W. Cruthers; Radio Opp.: J. F. Bucchin [spelling unclear]; Engineer: L. C. Lindholm; Ass't R. O.: L. C. Shaffer; Tail Gun.: W. H. Carpenter.
Kneeling, L to R: Al H. Callander, navigator; Landon G. Robinson, co-pilot; Franklin S. Hubbell, pilot.

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