Larry Kulstad-Satans Sister

George Linko-Battle Dragon

Pictured are, back row, left to right: Pilot George Linko (with his arm around a ground crewman and a hand on Ginsburg), Co-Pilot Kenneth Shook, Bombardier Gordon
Bishop, Navigator Joseph Tichnor
Middle row: ground crewman [name unknown], Tail Gunner Arthur Ginsburg, Waist Gunners William McCash and Kenneth Prey, ground crewman [name unknown]
Front row: Radio Operator Kenneth Mason, Engineer & Top Gunner Damon Cox, Ball Turret Gunner J. Chinn

Robert A Gore

Back row-Edward L Jones, Jr (tail gunner); Clarence Conrad, Jr (radio); Alfred A Ottesen (engineer); Lester C Hecht (waist gunner); Nicholas W Bridge (waist gunner); Leonard W Jeske (ball gunner)

Front row- Robert A Gore (pilot); Robert B Baker (co-pilot); Louis C Jirieek (bombadear); Walter Mecowzi (navigator)

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