Lt Fred Mincks

Standing, L to R: Co-pilot-Orville F. Card (2nd Lt.) service # 0768439; Navigator-Howard E. Bedford (F.O.) service # T125801; Pilot-Fred E. Mincks, Jr. (2nd Lt.) service # 0706068; Bombardier-James B. Davies (2nd Lt.) service # 0707424;
Sitting, L to R: Ball Turret-John G. Smith (SGT) service # 17096517; Upper Turret-Donald A. Burt (SGT) service # 11085378; Radio Operator-Charles R. Meisle (S SG) service # 13077114; Nose Turret-Christopher J. Paragone (SGT) service # 31368874; Engineer-Jack T. DelMastro, also listed as DelMastero (S SG) service # 12185724; Tail Turret-James R. Turner (SGT) service # 18194571;

Ralph Wingrove

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Standing, far left: William Van Ronzelen, unknown, unknown, unknown, Bernard P Brandon, unknown
Kneeling middle: Ralph Wingrove


Edward Torney

Kneeling L-R: Aaron B. Clement (Engineer), possibly someone named Fennelly, Phillip Gonguzza (waist gunner), Elmer E. Gilder (waist gunner), Steve Gottler (tailgunner).
Standing L-R: Edward (Jack) Torney (pilot), John Q. Adams (co-pilot), Ray E. Bates (navigator) Stanley R. Dewsnup (bombardier).

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