George Mattes

Only 3 of these crewmen are known. If you can identify the others, please let us know
Back row: fourth from left, Staff Sgt. J. A. Ramsey, tail turret operator & ship's armorer; fifth from left, Tech Sgt. K.C. Bouse, engineer & top turret gunner.
Front row: third from left, George J. Mattes, pilot.

J. J. Surowiec

Standing L-R: Rogers, tail gunner; James Hargett, armorer; Gordon Carroll, engineer; James Myers, nose gunner; Leo Barry, ball turret; J.E. Bowlin, radio.
Kneeling L-R: Donahue, navigator; William Forrey, bombardier; JJ Surowiec, pilot; Furguson, co-pilot.


William Grace

Standing L-R: Sgts G. Anderson, Bill Beard, F. Spicer, Fred Coe, H. Mierzejewski

Kneeling L-R: F/O James Hough, Pilot Bill Grace, Co-pilot Bob Heinrich

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