Schoeneck, France
Lost August 26, 1944
Submitted by George Lesko

The monument erected and dedicated to the 446th Bomb Group B-24 crew of "Ginger" by the French town of Schoeneck is a six foot granite stone beautifully and tastefully place under giant trees on a main intersection. There is an approximately 12 foot red brick entrance to the monument located off a street near the main intersection and can be viewed by every passing vehicle.

The site is near where B-24 "Ginger" crashed and the town of Schoeneck annually has a ceremony with bands, flags, flowers at the monument on the August Saturday nearest 26 August - the date that the "Ginger" crew flew it's fatal mission in 1944. The original dedication was in 1998 and all survivors, who were POW's - Norman Phillips, Albert Lang and George Lesko, were present. It was a great tribute to our deceased crew members - the majority executed by the SS with a bullet to the back of their head after surrender. The executioners were hanged after the War Crimes Trial in 1947.

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