Mission Photos
December 1944

December 11: Karlsruhe
"Black Magic", shown here on a previous mission, crashed in France, killing the entire crew






December 19: Kyllburg
The crew of "Bangin' Lulu" flew another plane this day and lost it over Belgium. All returned safely to base
Standing: James Bayus, Robert Brady, Neil Oatney, James Ingersoll, James Cummings, Joe Bombara

Kneeling: Bill Lester, Warren Stickle, George Alter (Pilot), William LeGrow

Photo courtesy of Tom Oatney




December 25: Christmas day
OK, it's not a mission photo, but I needed to fill this page. Father Joseph Murphy conducts Christmas services





December 27: Kaiserslautern
This plane, piloted by 2/Lt Jerome Andrews, crashed while taking off in fog. Andrews was killed, 3 others were injured





This crew was forced to ditch in the North Sea, killing most on board.

Standing: 2/Lt Wallace Malone, rescued; 2/Lt Hulet Mack, not on this mission; 2/Lt Jack Heuser, rescued; F/O James Sheets, KIA

Kneeling: Sgt Frank Jakubiak, KIA; Sgt Kieran Culliton, KIA; Sgt Thomas Strohaker, rescued; Sgt Albert Eibel, KIA; Sgt Harry Stricklan, KIA; Sgt Robert Steeves, KIA


1/Lt Gale McGowan was flying as co-pilot on 2/Lt Malone's plane the day they ditched in the North Sea. McGowan was killed









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