Mission Photos
January, 1944

January 21, Noball target
The "Merle Lee" after crash landing near Hawkinge, Kent, as a result of being hit by flak over France. There were no casualties.





January 29, Frankfurt
"Hula Wahine" crash landed at the RAF base in Kentling after being hit by flak and fighting off repeated fighter attacks.





The pilot flew at 75 feet over occupied Belgium to bring the plane down safely with just 2 injuries.




The crew of "Hula Wahine"

Standing: 1/Lt Ernest Bruce (pilot), 1/Lt David Grisham (co-pilot), 1/Lt John Wheelis (navigator), 1/Lt Thomas Pretty (bombadier).

Kneeling: Sgt Eugene McGuire (engineer/top turret gunner), Sgt Forrest McGlaughlin (waist gunner), Sgt Jesse Fleming (radio operator), Sgt John Pfaffenberger (tail gunner), Sgt Leslie Jones (waist gunner), Sgt Hardy Renfroe (ball turret gunner).


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