Mission Photos
February, 1944

February 4: Frankfurt
The crew of the "Black Widow", shot down with the loss of 5 lives. 5 others were taken prisoner.

Sgt Paul Sallee (not on this mission); Sgt Earl Lee, KIA; Sgt Vincent Riel, POW; unknown officer (not on this mission); Sgt John Fletcher, POW; 2/Lt John Carmody, KIA; Sgt Francis Stewart, POW; 1/Lt Joseph Adams, KIA; 1/Lt Marvin Garber, KIA; Sgt Anthony Nardozzi, POW.

Not in photo: 2/Lt Foster Hinton, POW; Sgt Adrian Kieley, KIA



1/Lt Marvin Garber, who was killed along with 4 of his crew. They are buried in a village cemetery in France








February 22: Gotha
"Lil Max" dropping through undercast. Photo taken by Sgt Arthur Livingston, a gunner on "Worry Bird".




About 885 Dutch citizens were killed when some planes bombed the city of Nijmegen, thinking it was a German target.








February 24: Gotha
Four crewmen who were taken prisoner after crashing in Belgium. 2 of their comrades were killed in the crash and 4 more taken prisoner.

2/Lt Abraham Dorsman (bombardier), 2/Lt Carl Kroells (pilot), 2/Lt Richard Paquette (co-pilot), 2/Lt James Toolan (navigator)



Also on board, Sgt Claude Fisher, POW; Sgt Jack Renner, KIA; Sgt Marshall Murray, KIA; Sgt Earl Minnoe, POW; Sgt Richard McAuley, POW; Sgt John Dill, not on this mission

Not in photo: Sgt Rudolph Vidmar, POW




February 25: Furth
The crew of "Rigor Mortis", shot down over France. All on board were taken prisoner.

Standing: Sgt Paul Calland (gunner), Sgt J.S. Wakeman (gunner), Sgt Elroy Paseo (not on board this mission), Sgt Benjamin Dutcher (radio operator), Sgt Amon Belcher (engineer/gunner), Sgt Kenneth Mayo (gunner).

Kneeling: 2/Lt Douglas Warfel (copilot), 1/Lt William Hockensmith (pilot), 2/Lt Charles Barret (not on board this mission), 2/Lt Gilbert Klaeser (bombardier)

Not in photo: 2/Lt Douglas Warfel, POW; 2/Lt Frederick Riedel, POW, Sgt William Carpenter, POW


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