Mission Photos
February 1945

February 3: Magdeburg
The crew of "Lil' Snooks"
bailed out over France after a flak hit. The pilot, 2/Lt Richard Wann, was taken prisoner. The others were able to return to base

Standing: F/O William Strong, bombardier; 2/Lt Richard Wann, pilot; 2/Lt Marsh Lefler, navigator; 2/Lt Norman Ellis, co-pilot (replaced on this mission by 1/Lt William Hanna)

Kneeling: Cpl Jonathan Fields, radio operator; Cpl George Shanks, tail gunner; Cpl John Spittel, waist gunner; Cpl Douglas Ryan, waist gunner; Cpl James Barber, top turret gunner; Cpl Charles Bussard, top turret gunner/engineer


"Lil' Snooks"






February 21: Nurnberg
On the way to Nurnberg. A PFF plane is seen at the far right






February 22: Northeim
A PFF plane heading to the roundhouse and marshalling yards





A marshalling yard and roundhouse






February 25: Afschaffenburg
"Queenie", with bomb bay doors open, about to drop on a tank assembly plant






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