Mission Photos
March, 1944

March 6: Genshagen/Berlin
"Major Hoopo" suffered severe damage, forcing the pilot to ditch in the North Sea. Only 3 on board survived.

Standing: Sgt Derek Currel (not on board this mission); 2/Lt Robert Kidwell, KIA; 2/Lt Mattocks (not on board this mission); 1/Lt Robert Paltz, rescued; 2/Lt Charles Buckingham, KIA.

Sitting: Sgt Alva Songer, rescued; Sgt Norwood Mitchell, KIA; Sgt Richard Denton, rescued; Sgt Elmer Carlson, KIA; Sgt Earl Springstead, KIA.

Not in photo: Sgt Charles Jennings, KIA


Two crewmen from the ill-fated "Major Hoopo"; Sgt Theodore O'Shields, KIA and Sgt Richard Denton, rescued. Behind them is a 707th squadron insignia.






March 8: Erkner
The wreckage of "Shif Lus Skonk". Six crewmen were killed in the wreck and 4 taken prisoner.





March 18: Friedrichshaven
The crew of 1/Lt Edward Jennings landed their plane in Switzerland after losing an engine. All were interned by Swiss authorities, though one, F/O Edward Warsavage, escaped and eventually returned to England. Photo courtesy of Robert Martyr and Tony North






March 22: Berlin
"War Goddess" was forced to land in Sweden, where it's crew was interned.





The crew of "Joker", which was shot down. All hands were taken prisoner except Navigator/bombardier 1/Lt Foster Harbin, lower right, who was KIA. Others in this photo are:
1/Lt Julius Jaslovsky, pilot; 2/Lt Charles Morris, co-pilot; 2/Lt James Marsh, nose turret gunner; Sgt Joseph Kulaga, top turret gunner/engineer; Sgt Durward Raley, radio operator; Sgt Howard Cassingham, ball turret gunner, Sgt Floyd McKemie, left waist gunner; Sgt Arthur Macauley, right waist gunner; Sgt John Fitz-Gibbon.
Photo courtesy of Lt Harbin's nephew.




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