Mission Photos
March 1945

March 9: Rheine
At right is "Ronnie", the pride of the 446th, dropping on marshalling yards







March 15: Zossen
"I Hope So" and others of the 446th in formation. The target: German General Staff HQ.





March 22: Kitzingen
A little bit of beauty during a war; vapor trails made by a formation on the way to an airfield at Kitzingen, Germany








May 24: Wessel
Only the tail gunner survived the crash of "Queen of Angels" during a low level supply drop.

Standing: F/O James Froula, not on this mission; 2/Lt Merlin Gaudet, co-pilot; 1/Lt Laurence Lofgren, pilot; 2/Lt George Sansky, not on this mission

Sitting: Sgt William Clifton, engineer/top turret gunner; Sgt Alan Keenen, tail gunner (survived crash); Sgt Kenneth Stalder, waist gunner; Sgt Thomas Davis, not on this mission; Sgt Robert Martinec, nose turret gunner; Sgt Melvin Soloman, radio operator

Not in this photo: 1/Lt Earle Cheek, waist gunner





The pilot of "Queen of Angels", 1/Lt Laurence Lofgren, who was killed on his 26th birthday








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