Mission Photos
April, 1944

April 8: Brunswick
The crew of "The Beast" was shot down while on a mission to Brunswick. They are shown here in front of another plane.

Standing: Sgt Joseph Dunleavy, POW; Sgt Edwin Bulford, POW; Sgt Harry Reece, POW; Sgt Elmer Lillicotch, POW; Sgt Norman Lacas, POW; Sgt Cummings (not on this mission)

Kneeling: 1/Lt Earl Caston, POW; 1/Lt Louis Telpner, POW; 1/Lt Percy Schopfer, KIA; 1/Lt Max Castner, POW

Not in photo: Sgt Jack Thurman, POW


Sgt William Busacker was shot down in "The Princess" and taken prisoner. He was a radio operator.









April 11: Bernburg
The crew of "Werewolf/Princess O'Rourke" who were shot down by flak and taken prisoner. The pilot, 1/Lt Sterling Tuck, has authored accounts of his experiences which can be found in the Stories and POW sections of this website.

Top: Sgt George Smith; Sgt George Bigelow

Standing: Sgt Edsel Fish; 1/Lt Irving Day; 1/Lt Bryant Poore; 2/Lt Campbell (not on this mission); 1/Lt Sterling Tuck

Kneeling: Sgt James Korte; Sgt Valley Ditch; Sgt James Evans

Not in photo: 1/Lt Bryant Poore; 1/Lt Arthur Meyers





April 22: Hamm
The crew of "Rubber Check". Standing L to R: Sgt John Thomas, Sgt Albert Cochran, Sgt George Blank, Sgt Franklin Calhoun, Sgt John Roberts, Sgt Roy Lee Fielder. Knealing L to R: 2Lt Adrian Perrault, 2Lt Frank Baker, 2Lt Arthur Bailey, 2Lt Foster Hinton.

The pilot, Frank Baker, earned an Oak Leaf Cluster to his DFC for bringing his severely damaged plane home with no loss of life. The base at Bungay was undergoing an enemy arial attack at the time and Baker had to land at another base, narrowly avoiding another B-24 in the process of crashing.





April 27: Wizernes
The crew of "Satan's Sister", which crashed in England en route to it's target after suffering severe engine failure and damage from a jettisonned bomb. The pilot narrowly avoided several buildings and crash landed the plane in a field. He, and another crewman, were killed.

Standing: Sgt Melvin Howard; Sgt Albert Wagner; Sgt Walter Nye; Sgt Wayne Back; Sgt John Keegan; Sgt William Watkins, KIA.

Kneeling: 1/Lt Clark Jensen, KIA; 1/Lt Henry Kingsbery; 1/Lt Willis Hause; 1/Lt Edward Hanna



"Satan's Sister"





"Satans Sister" crashed into a field in England, killing 2 crewmen





April 27: Blainville
This plane, piloted by 1/Lt Wayne Case, skidded off the runway and exploded on take-off, killing the entire crew.





1/Lt Harold Larson's plane returned from a mission with 2 engines out. It exploded over England after 2 crewmen were able to bail out. The other 8 crewmen were killed.

1/Lt Clifford Denning, KIA; 1/Lt George Hafner, KIA; 1/Lt Claude Lanphere, KIA; 1/Lt Harold Larson, KIA

Not in photo: Sgt Edward Hilgeman, OK; Sgt Carl Smith, OK; Sgt Louis Bart, KIA; Sgt Wilburn Holt, KIA; Sgt Orval Scott; KIA; Sgt Melvin Warren, KIA






April 29: Berlin
"Luck and Stuff" lost an engine and was set upon by ME 109's. The crew was ordered to bail out. 3 were killed, the remaining 7 were taken prisoner.





Sgt Charles Perry, nose turret gunner on "Luck and Stuff" was captured after he was forced to bail out and spent the rest of the war in Stalag Luft VI









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