Mission Photos
April 1945

April 4: Wesendorf A/F base
446th Bomb Group Commanding Officer Troy Crawford is seen on the right with General Timberlake on the left. Crawford was flying as an observer in an RAF Mosquito when his plane was mistaken for a German ME 262 jet fighter and shot down by his own crews




A Mosquito, the type of plane in which Col Crawford was flying when he was shot down. He and his pilot were taken prisoner, but their luft stalag was liberated 10 days later






April 11: Regensburg
1/Lt Hulet Mack was one of 22 crewmen killed when 2 planes collided over the base at the end of the mission






April 18: Passau
My father's plane bombing the marshalling yards at Passau. Can you see him in the nose turret?





April 25: Salzburg
The final mission for the 446th. Time to go home after a job well done. Thanks, guys!









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