Mission Photos
May 1944

May 9: Liege
"Picadilly Commando" caught fire and burned during take-off. The crew escaped injury and the co-pilot, 2/Lt Andy Lipsky, was awarded a Soldier's Medal for his actions in assuring that all crewmen were safe.





May 23: Orleans A/F
"Wee Willie" was lost when a malfunction caused the bombs to be dropped through the bomb bay doors. Debris from the doors hit the tail and caused extensive damage. The entire crew was lost.





May 25: Mulhouse
"Banger" suffered engine trouble and was forced to drop out of formation. It later suffered severe damage in a flak barage, and all crewmen were forced to bail out. 5 of the crew became POW's while 5 others evaded capture.





Bombadier/nose turret gunner 2/Lt Henry Corley was one of the crewmen forced to bail out of "Banger" and was taken prisoner.









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