Mission Photos
June 1944

June 5: Calais
"Lazy Lou" and other planes bombing a gun emplacement at Cal






"D" Day
"Red Ass" was the first bomber over the beaches on D-Day.

Standing: Sgt William Barlow, gunner; Sgt Stuart Merwin, radio operator; Sgt Bruno Corridino, gunner; Sgt Jesse Davis, gunner; Sgt Joseph Parkin, gunner; Sgt Howard Weaver, engineer/gunner

Kneeling: 1/Lt Robert McConnel, co-pilot; 1/Lt Banks Jacobs, bombardier; Captain Charles Ryan, pilot; 1/Lt Michael Paczan, navigator

Sitting: 3 unidentified ground crewmen and Master Sergeant James M. Holt, second from left


June 8: Granville
"Daisy Mae Scraggs" crashed into the North Sea. French fishermen rescued 5 crewmen, but 5 others were killed.





June 10: Wimereaux
"Brown Knowser" crashed near the field on return, killing one crewman.

Standing: SGt Belly Weeks, gunner; Sgt Isadore Markowitz, radio operator; Sgt Charles Horn, gunner; Sgt Hazel Willard, engineer/gunner; Sgt Herb Gordon, gunner; Sgt Charles Toth, gunner

Kneeling: 2/Lt Dana Jones, pilot; 2/Lt Philip Mangiaracina, co-pilot, KIA; F/O Francis Brennan, navigator; 2/Lt Kenneth Dunn, bombardier

June 12: Rennes/Ploermel
After being hit by flak, this crew was forced to bail out.

Standing: 2/Lt John Hill, not on this flight, 2/Lt Blaine Barritt, evaded capture, 1/Lt Wilbur Turner, evaded capture, 2/Lt Clayton Addy, shot down a month earlier and evaded capture

Kneeling: Sgt Waldo Glass, KIA; Sgt Dean Aitkin, KIA; Sgt A. G. Brossett, KIA; Sgt Joseph Sabarich, KIA; Sgt Harry Meeker, evaded capture, Sgt John Borowski, evaded capture

Not in photo: 2/Lt Willard Hill, KIA, F/O Hyman Nutkis, POW


June 15: Tours
Sgt Scott Hilliard, a waist gunner, took this picture





June 20: Politz

The crew in this picture was shot down on a mission to Politz, Germany on
June 20, 1944. To avoid becoming a prisoner of war or maybe having to ditch it in the icy waters of the North Sea they headed for Sweden. They landed at an airfield outside of Malmo. Once in Sweden, the crew was interned.
Front Row - Left to Right:
2nd LT.,Henry Gancarz, C/P, F/O., Harold Tennis, Navigator, 2nd LT.,James Buffington, Bombardier, F/O.(Not on this mission), Franklin C. Douglas, Pilot
Back Row - Left to Right:
S Sgt., Antonio Enos, Ball Turret Gunner, S Sgt., Wing Chow, Tail Gunner, S Sgt., Charles F. Slack, Nose Gunner, S Sgt., Joe L. Araiza, Right Waist Gunner & Assist Engineer, S Sgt., Robert R. Goade, Left Waist Gunner & Radio Operator, T Sgt., Arthur D. Jenkins, Top Turret Gunner & Engineer



June 21: Genshagen/Marienfeld
The crew of "Connie", all of whom but one were killed when their plane was hit by flak.

Standing: Sgt Warren Smith, KIA; Sgt George Zweier, KIA; Sgt Welborn Smith, KIA; Sgt Jay Ter Haar, KIA; Sgt Edward McHugh, KIA; Sgt Peter Bausano, POW

Kneeling: 2/Lt John Nicholson, KIA; 2/Lt Jimmie Collins, KIA; 2/Lt Raymond Fisher, KIA; 2/Lt Robert Steldt, KIA



June 22: Buc A/F
A successful mission to an airfield near Paris











June 28: Saarbrucken
Over the target at Saarbrucken











June 29: Bernburg A/F
When the pilot of this crew ordered the men to prepare to bail out, 2 crewmen misunderstood and bailed immediately. The pilot was able to regain control of the damaged plane and return to base.

Standing: Sgt Charles Ready, gunner; Sgt Leopold Stanowski, gunner; Sgt Eugene Thurston, gunner; Sgt Charles Bryant, gunner; Sgt Francis Garon, engineer/gunner; Sgt J. V. Gabriel, radio operator

Kneeling: 2/Lt Donald Ramsey, pilot; 2/Lt Perry Gillespie, co-pilot; 2/Lt Irving Olstein, navigator, POW; 2/Lt John Friend, bombardier/nose turret gunner, POW


"Wistful Vista" received 2 flak hits on the way to the target. Though a fifth of the fuselage was blown away and the rudder was disabled, the pilot and co-pilot, 1/Lt Benjamin Inman, and 2/Lt John Cox, were able reach the target and return the plane safely to base. The ball-turret gunner, Sgt Julian Ludwig, was killed.





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