Mission Photos
July 1944

July 12: Munich
An RAF Short Stirling crash landed at the base. The tail gunner was trapped and had to be freed by the 446th crash crew.




July 21: Munich
The crew of "Quivering Box", in front of another plane. They were hit by flak and the plane exploded.

Standing: Sgt William Lutes, POW; Sgt Leiding Olson, KIA; Sgt William Kopczynski, POW; Sgt William McDonald, KIA; Sgt Euylse Jackson, KIA

Kneeling: Captain Eric Sherman, POW; 2/Lt Charles Clark (did not fly on this mission, replaced by 1/Lt John Hand, KIA); 1/Lt Glenn Hoffman, KIA; 1/Lt Nelson Segraves, KIA

Not in photo: Cpt Calvin Ballard, KIA; Sgt John Clay, KIA


Lead Bombardier 1/Lt Nelson Segraves, who was killed on July 21










Captain Eric Sherman, pilot of "Quivering Box"









Sgt. Steven W. Osborne, who was killed on July 21, 1944










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