Mission Photos
August 1944

August 4: Rostock
"Dry Run" was shot down by flak, killing 3 crewmen





August 5: Fallersleben
Lead bombardier/nose turret gunner 1/Lt Boris Popov was taken prisoner when his plane, "Carolyn Sue", was shot down









August 24:Brunswick
The crew of "Pistol Packin Bomma II"

Standing: Sgt Ejner Lovig, KIA; 2/Lt Floyd Bridges, KIA; 1/Ly Lester Trump, POW; 1/Lt Ralph Maier, POW; 1/Lt Anthony Freda, KIA; Sgt Roland Koenig, KIA

Kneeling: Sgt John Harkins, KIA; Sgt Chester Cegelka, KIA; Sgt Robert Hathaway, KIA; Sgt Harry Steinmetz, KIA

1/Lt Jay McCutchen, KIA


August 25: Rostock
"Happy Go Lucky" crashed into the North Sea, killing it's entire crew of 10





The ill-fated crew of "Happy-Go-Lucky", who died when their plane crashed into the North Sea

Standing: Co-pilot-Orville Card (2nd Lt.), Navigator-Howard Bedford (F.O.), Pilot-Fred Mincks (2nd Lt.), Bombardier-James B. Davies (2nd Lt.)

Sitting: Ball Turret-John G. Smith, Upper Turret-Donald A. Burt, Radio Operator-Charles R. Meisle, Nose Turret-Christopher Paragone, Engineer-Jack DelMastero, Tail Turret-James R. Turner





August 26: Ludwigshaven
2/Lt Dean Peppmeier's crew was shot down over Holland. 5 were killed, 3 taken prisoner, and 2 evaded capture with the help of the Dutch underground.

Standing: Sgt John Strain, evaded capture; Sgt Carl Anderson, KIA; Sgt Frederick O'Dell, KIA; Sgt Richard Dawson, KIA; Cpl William Blaylock, evaded capture; Sgt Sylvester Novak, KIA

Kneeling: 2/Lt Herbert Rubin, KIA; 2/Lt Walter Miehle, POW; 2/Lt Dean Peppmeier, POW; Sgt Robert Algee, KIA

Not in photo: Sgt James Peavley, POW


This crew was shot down over Holland after a direct flak hit in the bomb bay.

Standing: 2/Lt William Nunn, KIA; 2/Lt Harrison Evans, POW; 2/Lt Raymond McReary, KIA; 2/Lt Walter Hearn, evaded capture

Kneeling: Sgt Carleton Harrison, POW; Sgt Jesse Brown, POW; Cpl Walter Linton, POW; Cpl Harold Hollingshead, POW; Cpl Walter Homa, evaded capture, Cpl William Yorio, KIA


Cpl William Homa with his protectors from the Dutch underground.

Standing: Mr Kwik, Mrs L. de Leeuw, Mrs M. van Elzakker, Louis de Leeuw, Martinus van Elzakker

Kneeling: Cees Nootenboom, Cpl Homa, Jan van Elzakker, Red Klassen



Bombardier/nose turret gunner 2/Lt Walter Hern, who evaded capture with the assistance of the C.M. v/d Boom family in Halsteren, Holland







The crew of "Ginger", shot down near Saarbrucken.

Standing, 1/Lt Ralph V. Shaffer (pilot) MIA, 2/Lt George Lesko (copilot) POW, F/O Norman Phillips (navigator) POW, Herbert Rubin (Bombardier), not on this mission, but was KIA in Holland on another. Kneeling, Sgt Charles Wyatt (engineer) KIA, Sgt Ted Zemonek (waist gunner) KIA, Sgt Frank Loichinger (radio operator) POW, Sgt Albert Lang (ball turret gunner) POW, Sgt Jack Staton (nose gunner) KIA, Sgt Willard Fetterhoff (tail gunner) KIA. Not pictured but on board Ginger: Pvt Jack Maxwell (waist
gunner) KIA. There is a story about this crew: The pilot was never found, Wyatt's chute apparently didn't open, he was KIA, Zemonek, Staton, Fetterhoff, and Maxwell (a ground crewman on his first flight who was filling in for Rubin) were shot by SS police auxiliary the day after bailing out. Loichinger, Lesko, Lang, and Phillips survived the war as POWs. The latter three reunited at the crash site in France, 26 August 1998, for a dedication of a memorial to Ginger, her crew, and the allied war effort.
Photo courtesy of Tim Shaffer.

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