Mission Photos
September 1944

The grocery runs
Before the grocery runs could begin, the allies had to repair the damage done by repeated bombings to the airfield at Orleans, France. Here, B-24's are seen parked on the runway. Damage to the airfield is clearly visible.





British crews unload planes at Orleans airfield





September 10: Heilbronn
The crew of "Rough Buddy" which crashed after being hit by flak. There was only 1 survivor

Standing: 2/Lt Scott, not on this mission; 2/Lt John Cushing, KIA; 2/Lt John Barksdale, KIA; 2/Lt Clarence Lloyd, KIA;

Kneeling: Sgt Gunter Schilling, KIA; Sgt Elwood Griffeth, not on this mission; Sgt George Mellott, KIA; Sgt Roderick Mellgren, KIA; Sgt Albert Forton, POW; Sgt Gerald Miller, KIA

Not in photo: Sgt Ray Ege, KIA; Sgt Wilson Brockman, KIA


September 18: Supply drop
The group drops supplies to allied paratroopers in Holland.





Group Commander Colonel Jacob Brogger was injured by a .30 armor piercing explosive bullet during this low level mission. The injury bought him a ticket home








September 21: Koblenz
The crew of "T.S." was killed in a crash landing at the base. It was their first mission

Standing: Sgt Clyde Binder, Sgt Joe Ousley, Sgt John Hall, Sgt Lawson Ostrander, Sgt John Letterman, Sgt Mark Shelton

2/Lt Robert Dickerson (not on this mission), 1/Lt Francis Lutz, 2/Lt Perry Sharp, 2/Lt Robert Goletz

Not in photo: 1/Lt Kenneth Dellow


September 26: Heilbronn
The entire crew of "Temptation" survived their crash, but spent the rest of the war as POW's

Standing: Sgt William Booth, 1/Lt John Mullery, 1/Lt Robert Kallstrom, 1/Lt Aubrey Jones, Sgt Herbert Gold

Kneeling: Sgt Albert Charron not on this mission, Sgt Robert Cochran, 1/Lt John Watt, Sgt John Bush, Sgt James Haugen

Not in photo: 1/Lt Isaac Lengel; Sgt Richard Cotton


The crew of "Lil Max", shot down over Holland

Standing: F/O Harold Kirchblum, POW; 2/Lt Thomas Gill, KIA; 2/Lt Warren Blower, not on this mission; 2/Lt John Dempshire, not on this mission

Kneeling: Sgt Walter Kasievich, evaded capture; Sgt Jack Culbertson, POW; Sgt Millard Kreinheder, evaded capture; Sgt Enrico Mennitto, POW; Sgt Paul Kutzar, POW; Sgt Malcolm Edwardsen, evaded capture

Not in photo: 1/Lt William Rayner, KIA; 2/Lt Marvin Charwat, evaded capture; Sgt David Smith, evaded capture


2/Lt Thomas Gill was killed when the plane he was piloting crashed in Holland








Sgt Malcolm Edwardsen and Sgt Walter Kasievich on the streets of The Hague 2 days after the city's liberation









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