October 1944

October, '44

Buzz bombs were sent to the area around the base with increasing frequency. One landed a mile away during a church service, another landed during the showing of a movie. None did any damage. More MIA crewmen who had evaded capture on the continent returned to base. Squadron plane guard was discontinued in favor of a roving defense system. On the 20th, parties were held at the officer's and enlisted men's clubs during which awards were given and citations read. On the 25th, a B-24 carrying crewmen to another base crashed on landing, killing 9 of those on board.

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Oct 2nd Hamm
Oct 3rd Lachen/Speyerdorf
Oct 5th Lippstadt A/F
Oct 6th Harburg
Oct 7th Clausthal/Zellerfeld
Oct 9th Koblenz
Oct 12th Osnabruck
Oct 14th Cologne
Oct 15th Cologne
Oct 17th Cologne
Oct 19th Mainz
Oct 22nd Hamm
Oct 25th Neumunster
Oct 26th Minden
Oct 30th Wesermunde

Mission Details

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October 2: Hamm
The marshalling yards were hit with good results. The yard was left in flames and freight cars were destroyed. Accurate flak caused damage to 15 planes, but all returned.

October 3: Lachen/Speyerdorf
25 planes attacked the airfield with good results reported.

October 5: Lippstadt airfield
Several errors caused the 446th to drop short of the target. 1 plane crash landed on it's return to base with no injuries reported.

October 6: Harburg
31 planes attacked an oir refinery with poor results. A pilot was killed by flak; the co-pilot was able to return the heavily damaged plane to base. Photo

October 7: Clausthal/Zellerfeld
36 planes hit an explosives factory, leaving it in ruins.

October 9: Koblenz
35 planes attacked with unobserved results. Contrails from jet fighters were seen in the area.

October 12: Osnabruk
29 planes hit the marshalling yards with unobserved results.

October 14: Cologne
The marshalling yards were hit by 30 planes with unobserved results. Flak was heavy.

October 15: Cologne
A return visit saw fair results on the marshalling yards. "Lady Luck" (41-29128) received severe flak damage and returned on 2 engines. Upon landing, it crashed, killing 3 crewmen.

October 17: Cologne
The marshalling yards were again hit, with unobserved results.

October 19: Mainz
Marshalling yards on the north side of the Rhine were hit with poor results. "Slightly Dangerous" (42-50681) was hit by flak and crashed, killing 3, with the remaining 7 taken prisoner. Photos

October 22: Hamm
29 planes attacked the marshalling yards with unobserved results.

October 25: Neumunster
31 planes attacked with unobserved results. Photos

October 26: Minden
In spite of a solid undercast, a canal was hit with very good results. Several miles of the canal dried up as a result.

October 30: Wesermunde
The target was bombed with unobserved results.

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