November 1944

November, '44

An anniversary party was held on the 3rd to celebrate the group's first year in the ETO. There was a 10 day stand down to make repairs to the runways. Near the end of the month, a 3 day power failure at the water pumping station meant no showers or shaving. Thanksgiving was celebrated with a turkey dinner with all the trimmings. The season's first snowfall fell on the 9th, beginning the long, cold, damp winter. Most missions for the month were conducted in cloudy weather, making for few observed results.

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Nov 2nd Castrop-Rauxel
Nov 4th Misburg
Nov 5th Karlsruhe
Nov 6th Minden
Nov 6th Sterkrade
Nov 9th Metz
Nov 10th Hanau Airfield
Nov 11th Bottrop
Nov 21st Hamburg
Nov 25th Bingen
Nov 26th Bielfeld
Nov 30th Neunkirchen

Mission Details

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November 2: Castrop-Rauxel
23 planes bombed the oil refineries through dense cloud cover.

November 4: Misburg
Intense flak met the crews as they bombed oil refineries. Dense, black smoke and red flames were observed, indicative of oil fires. "Lassie Come Home" (42-51356) was hit by flak and crashed, killing 6 crewmen, with the remaining 4 taken prisoner. Photo

November 5: Karlsruhe
31 planes bombed the marshalling yards through cloud cover with unobserved results.

November 6: Minden
11 planes bombed the canal aqueduct through clouds. Jet fighters were spotted.

November 6: SterKrade
18 planes attacked a synthetic oil plant with unobserved results. There was no battle damage in spite of heavy flak.

November 9: Metz
General Patton's ground forces were being held up by German fortresses in the Metz area, and the 446th came to the rescue. Excellent results were reported as buildings, ammunition and oil dumps were seen being hit. Patton's forces were able to advance into the Saar area after the raid.

November 10: Hanau airfield
18 planes attacked through complete undercast. Time delay bombs were used.

November 11: Bottrop
Intense flak and complete cloud cover met the crews as they bombed a synthetic oil plant.

November 21: Hamburg
The group's first mission after a 10 day standown for runway repair was not a good one. An oil refinery was hit and intense flak brought down "Satan's Little Sister" (42-95180). 7 Crewmen were killed and 2 more evaded capture. Photos

November 25: Bingen
38 planes attacked the mashalling yards with good results reported.

November 26: Bielefeld
37 planes attacked a railroad viaduct, but most bombs fell short.

November 29: Bielefeld
A return trip was made to the railroad viaduct, but results were unobserved.

November 30: Neunkirchen
The marshalling yards were bombed through solid cloud cover. An unnamed plane (42-51272) received a direct flak hit in it's bomb bay, split in 2, and crashed. The pilot was blown free by the explosion and parachuted safely to the ground where he was taken prisoner, but the other 10 crewmen were killed. Another unnamed plane (42-51115) was severely damaged by debris from the explosion of the first. One crewman was killed by the debris, another bailed out but died later. The remaining 8 bailed out and landed safely in Allied occupied territory. Photo

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