December 1944

December, '44

The year ended with 15 December missions, mostly in support of ground troops. The return to the states of crewmen finishing their tours became an exodus, and many new crews were brought in to replace them. All personnel were briefed on the new GI Bill Of Rights. A Christmas party was held for the children living nearby. Christmas day was celebrated by a successful mission and a feast for everyone on base, with enlisted men being served by officers.

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Dec 2nd Bingen
Dec 4th Koblenz
Dec 6th Minden
Dec 10th Bingen
Dec 11th Karlsruhe
Dec 12th Hanau
Dec 19th Kyllburg
Dec 24th Rheinbach-Euskirchen/Ahrwieler
Dec 25th Murlenbach
Dec 26th Sinzig
Dec 27th Kaiserslautern
Dec 28th Bullay
Dec 29th Heimbach
Dec 30th Mechernich
Dec 31st Remagen

Mission Details

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December 2: Bingen
33 planes attacked the marshalling yards through clouds with unobserved results. 2 planes and crew were lost for unknown reason, the heavy clouds masking their troubles from other crews. "She's Mine" (42-95105) and "Tiger" (42-51100) carried a total of 21 men, all of whom were killed.

December 4: Koblenz
20 planes attacked the marshalling yards with unobserved results.

December 6: Minden
28 planes attacked a viaduct, and 9 others attacked a rail junction when they could not form with the main group. Results were unobserved.

December 10: Bingen
The marshalling yards were hit by 37 planes, with unobserved results. One plane landed in Brussels with engine trouble.

December 11: Karlsruhe
34 planes attacked a rail bridge through heavy clouds with unobserved results. "Black Magic" (42-110093) was hit by flak and crashed, killing all 11 crewmen. Photo

December 12: Hanau
The marshalling yards were hit with good results. One plane, "Wedding Belle" (42-95178), crashed in the channel, killing all 11 on board.

December 19: Kyllburg
After a week of stand down, the group flew in support of ground troops by bombing road junctions. One plane suffered severe battle damage, and the crew was forced to bail out over Belgium. All returned safely to base. Bad weather at the base prevented the crews from landing, and they had to divert to Manston airbase. They stayed there 3 days before returning. Photo

December 24: Rheinbach-Euskirchen/Ahrweiller
Several communication centers were hit with good results.

December 25: Murlenbach
The railyards were attacked with good results reported. Photo

December 26: Sinzig
A rail bridge was bombed with excellent results. Direct hits were reported.

December 27: Kaiserslautern
18 planes hit a rail bridge with fair results and 7 more hit Enkenbach. 1 plane (42-50330) crashed on takeoff, killing the pilot. A second plane (42-50491) experienced multiple engine problems and ditched in the channel, killing 7 crewmen. The remaining 3 were rescued. A third plane (42-51312) was hit by flak and the crew was forced to bail out. 6 crewmen were taken prisoner, and 4 landed in allied occupied territory and returned to base. A fourth plane, "Shoo Shoo Baby" (42-52747), experienced severe engine damage and crashed in Belgium. All crewmen bailed out safely. Photos

December 28: Bullay
19 planes attacked a rail bridge, and 10 more hit the Kaiserslauteren marshalling yards with unobserved results.

December 29: Heimbach
This mission was scrubbed.

December 30: Mechernich
6 planes attacked the rail yards with unobserved results.

December 31: Remagen
The rail bridge at Remagen was bombed by 25 planes.

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