February 1945

February, '45

The brutal winter was interrupted by a February 1st thaw. Solid cloud cover remained, however, and instrument take-offs and landings were the norm. Personnel were assigned to pick up planes which had landed on the continent due to battle damage. The long-time Red Cross girl, Erna Sittler, married 2/Lt Torney of the 707th at the church in Flixton. A nationally syndicated American columnist visited the base and wrote an article which was read all over the country. The 446th kept the "B" Pennant awarded earlier as the bomb group with the best results. A few dozen enlisted men were reassigned to infantry duty.

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Feb 3rd Magdeburg
Feb 6th Magdeburg
Feb 9th Magdeburg
Feb 14th Magdeburg
Feb 15th Magdeburg
Feb 16th Osnabruck
Feb 19th Siegen
Feb 21st Nunberg
Feb 22nd Northheim
Feb 23rd Osnabruck
Feb 24th Hanover/Misburg
Feb 25th Afshaffenburg
Feb 26th Berlin
Feb 27th Halle
Feb 28th Mershede

Mission Details

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February 3: Magdeburg
The "Siege of Magdeburg" began with this attack by 39 planes. Magdeburg was a massive oil refinery 75 miles west of Berlin. The lead navigator's plane received a flak hit which knocked out an engine, but they were still able to get the group over the target. Flak severely damaged "Lil Snooks" (42-94936), and it's crew bailed out. 9 landed in Allied occupied territory and 1 was taken prisoner. Photos

February 6: Magdeburg
39 planes again attacked Magdeburg, but hit the marshalling yards this time. Results were unobserved.

February 9: Magdeburg
28 planes again hit the marshalling yards with unobserved results.

February 14: Magdeburg
31 planes made a return trip, hitting the marshalling yards with unobserved results.

February 15: Magdeburg
31 planes hit the oil plant through heavy clouds.

February 16: Osnabruck
The marshalling yards were hit with good results. The group put up it's first screening force on this mission.

February 19: Siegen
39 planes hit the marshalling yards with unobserved results.

February 21: Nurnberg
The marshalling yards were attacked with unobserved results by 36 planes. My father's plane landed at the long airstrip in Woodbridge when flak knocked out the hydraulics. Photo

February 22: Northheim
The roundhouse was blown to bits and the marshalling yard and railroad tracks were hit with excellent results. The 446th flew as part of a massive 6,000 plane force and bombed from just 8,000 feet. Photos

February 23: Osnabruck
The city was bombed after the primary target, the Gera marshalling yards, was bypassed due to poor weather.

February 24: Hannover/Misburg
Both targets were hit through cloud cover with unobserved results.

February 25: Afscaffensburg
The tank assembly plant was hit with good results. Photo

February 26: Berlin
The group led a large force as 3,000 tons were dropped on the German capital with unobserved results.

February 27: Halle
Intense flak met the planes as they bombed the marshalling yards, but all returned.

February 28: Meschede
31 planes attacked a foundry with unobserved results.

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