March 1945

March, '45

This would be the second busiest month of the war for the 446th, after only June, '44. Good weather and the rapidly advancing Allied ground troops made for almost daily missions. The devastated German military was not able to defend their cities as they once were, and flak and fighter support dwindled, reducing the number of 446th planes lost. More ground personnel were assigned to the infantry and sent to the continent, and many former ground troops were reassigned to the 446th. There was a drawing held, with the winners getting 48 hour passes to Paris, including transportation in converted B-24's.

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Mar 1st Augsburg
Mar 2nd Magdeburg
Mar 3rd Magdeburg
Mar 4th Donaueschingen
Mar 5th Harburg
Mar 7th Bielfeld
Mar 8th Betzdorf
Mar 9th Rheine
Mar 10th Paderborn
Mar 11th Kiel
Mar 12th Swinemunde
Mar 14th Remagen
Mar 15th Zossen
Mar 17th Hannover
Mar 18th Henningsdorf
Mar 19th Baumenheim
Mar 20th Hemmingstedt
Mar 20th Ahlorn
Mar 21st Essen
Mar 22nd Kitzingen
Mar 23rd Munster
Mar 24th Wesel
Mar 24th Stormede
Mar 30th Wilhelmshaven
Mar 31st Brunswick

Mission Details

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March 1: Augsburg
9 planes bombed the Messerschmidt plant through cloud cover.

March 2: Magdeburg
The group initially decided not to bomb the primary target, the synthetic oil plant, due to the heavy cloud cover, but the lead plane found a hole in the clouds on the way to the secondary, and made it's way back to the primary with the group in tow. They got it. Flak was intense.

March 3: Magdeburg
The final mission to Magdeburg ended successfully, as excellent results on the synthetic oil plant was reported. The group was met by intense flak and 4 ME 262 enemy fighter jets.

March 4: Donaueschingen
The marshalling yards were attacked with unobserved results.

March 5: Harburg
11 planes attacked the oil refinery through clouds with unobserved results.

March 7: Bielefeld
The group had previously knocked out 2 of 3 rail viaducts. This mission was to the third, and the RAF finished it off a week later.

March 8: Betzdorf
18 planes attacked the marshalling yards with unobserved results.

March 9: Rheine
The marshalling yards were set ablaze. Photo

March 10: Paderborn
33 planes bombed the marshalling yards with unobserved results.

March 11: Kiel
32 planes hit the submarine yards with unobserved results.

March 12: Swinemunde
The group flew to this Baltic sea city to aid the Russian ground troops there. Navy and port installations were hard hit, with excellent results reported.

March 14: Remagen
Marshalling yards near the Remagen bridge were hit with mixed results; 1 squadron had poor results, 1 good and 1 excellent.

March 15: Zossen
The German General Staff headquarters were bombed, but with poor results. Photo

March 17: Hannover
19 planes attacked the armament works with unknown results.

March 18: Henningsdorf
The Borsig Locomotive works was the target. the group missed, but did damage to other industrial buildings in the area.

March 19: Baumenheim
A jet fighter components plant was bombed with fair results.

March 20: Hemmingstedt
An oil refinery was hit hard, with large fires reported.

March 20: Ahlorn
Good results were reported in the bombing of an airfield.

March 21: Essen
Intense flak met the group at an airfield, where they achieved good results.

March 22: Kitzingen
Excellent results in almost perfect weather were reported on this mission, to an airfield. Photo

March 23: Munster
20 planes bombed the marshalling yards with very good results reported.

March 24: Wessel
The group dropped supplies to ground troops on this low-level mission. Flying at 300 to 700 feet, the planes were met by small arms and light artillery fire and 3 were shot down. "Queen of Angels" (42-50735) went down, killing 8 crewmen with 1 more returning safely. 2 unnamed planes (42-50545, 41-28814) also crashed, with 6 crewmen killed and the remainder returning safely. Photos

March 24: Stormede
The airfield was attacked with good to excellent results.

March 30: Wilhelmshaven
The submarine assembly plant was hit with excellent results.

March 31: Brunswick
The armament works was bombed through heavy clouds.

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