July 1944

July, '44

July saw a bit of a calming at the base, with just 17 missions flown. All of the original lead crews finished their tours of duty by the end of July except for 2, which finished in early August. There were quite a few new faces at the field as new crews were brought in. A GI production called "Browned Off" was performed. A couple of barbecues were held, with fresh steak brought in from Northern Ireland. A snackbar was opened at the Officers Club. Extensive work was done to the runways and perimeter strip. Explosions were heard on the 15th coming from the nearby base at Metfield when an ammo dump detonated, killing 6 men. On the 12th, an RAF Stirling bomber crash landed on base, hitting a B-24. On the 11th, one plane dropped 3 bombs on the runway, with no damage. 2 crewmen claimed to see a jet powered enemy fighter during a mission.

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Jul 2nd Noballtarget; Crepy, France
Jul 5th Noball target; Foret De Lisle/Bois De Casson, France
Jul 6th Sully Sur Loire, France
Jul 8th Hamme Sur Somme, France
Jul 11th Munich
July 12th Munich
Jul 13th Saarbrucken
Jul 16th Saarbrucken
Jul 17th Rilly La Montagne, France
Jul 18th Caen, France
Jul 19th Strasbourg, France
Jul 20th Eisenach
Jul 21st Munich
Jul 24th Granville, France
Jul 25th St. Lo, France
Jul 28th Rilly La Montagne, France
Jul 29th Bremen
Jul 31st Ludwigshaven

Mission Details

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July 2: Noball target; Crepy, France
20 planes dropped on the target through heavy cloud cover.

July 5: Noball target; Foret De Lisle/Bois De Casson, France
3 squadrons dropped on the target with unobserved results.

July 6: Sully Sur Loire, France
2 bridges, one a railroad bridge, were destroyed.

July 8: Hamm Sur Somme, France
The target was a bridge, but the mission was recalled due to bad weather.

July 11: Munich
27 planes dropped 616 250 pounders on the Bavarian city through solid cloud cover and with intense flak. 2 planes were lost. "Dissapated Duck" (42-94994) was hit by flak and headed for Switzerland. It didn't make it, and 9 of the crew were taken prisoner. The pilot was shot and killed by German troops on the ground. "Heinie Hunter" (42-95266) ran out of fuel and ditched in the channel. 5 crewmen were seen alive in the water afterwards, but only one of the 10 aboard survived. A crewman in another plane died from anoxia.

July 12: Munich
A return trip saw more heavy clouds and intense flak. "Guess Who's Here" (42-52598) was shot down, killing the pilot. The remaining 9 were taken prisoner, with one of them not surviving a long, forced march later in the war. An RAF Short Stirling crash landed at the base. Photo

July 13: Saarbrucken
27 planes attacked through solid cloud cover.

July 16: Saarbrucken
39 planes dropped 468 500 pounders through cloud cover.

July 17: Rilly La Montagne
32 planes bombed a pilotless aircraft storage site inside a former rail tunnel with good results.

July 18: Caen, France
43 planes in 4 squadrons bombed in support of ground troops with good results.

July 19: Strasbourg, France
The marshalling yards were well hit by 468 500 pounders.

July 20: Eisenach
26 planes bombed with no results reported. 8 more planes bombed the marshalling yards at Fulda with good results.

July 21: Munich
A bad day. Heavy clouds caused the target to be abandoned. Multiple targets of opportunity were hit, including bridges, railroads, and tunnels. 3 planes were lost in the intense flak. "Quivering Box" (42-100315) had 2 engines taken out by flak and went down, killing 8 men with 3 more taken prisoner. "Maximum Effort" (42-95188) was hit by flak and crashed, killing 2 with the remaining 8 taken prisoner. A third, unnamed plane (42-51257) suffered an engine failure, and was subsequently hit by flak. 9 crewmen were killed and one was taken prisoner. Photos

July 24: Grannville, France
A railroad and highway intersection were hit in support of ground troops.

July 25: St. Lo, France
49 planes bombed in support of ground troops with fair results. A low altitude attack, 100 pounders were dropped from 10,600 to 13,300 feet.

July 28: Rilly La Montagne
Bad weather caused this mission to be abandoned.

July 29: Bremen
31 planes bombed an oil plant with unobserved results. A smoke screen and clouds hampered visibility.

July 31: Ludwigshaven
32 planes dropped, but missed the target by about 4 miles. "Hot Shot Charlie" (42-95126) crash landed at Manston airfield with severe damage. The pilot, 1/Lt Donald Cheffer, reported 2 engines out and flew back on just the other 2, one of them with fluctuating manifold pressure. The crew threw overboard anything they could to save weight, including guns and ammo, and limped back home. "Hula Wahina II" (42-52467) went down, killing 3 with 7 others taken prisoner. It also lost 2 engines due to flak.

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