August 1944

August, '44

August saw the last of the original lead crew members go home. Some crewmen who had been shot down and evaded capture were able to return to England, thanks to the Allied liberation of northern France. Non-combat personnel were granted 7 day passes. "Tar Heel Baby" ended a streak of 63 consecutive missions without an abort when it was forced to turn back. "Ronnie" ended a similar streak at 79. The group's motto, "Voler, Venger, Vaincre" (Fly, Avenge, Vanquish) was decided by a competition won by S/Sgt Gustave Harcourt, a French native. At the end of the month, the group began their "grocery run", delivering food to the beleaguered people of France.

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Aug 1st Orleans/Bricy/Melun, France
Aug 2nd Peronne, France
Aug 3rd Douai, France
Aug 4th Rostock
Aug 5th Fallersleben
Aug 6th Kiel
Aug 7th Brussels/Perrone, France
Aug 8th Bretigny/Laon-Athies, France
Aug 10th Joigny/Laroche, France
Aug 11th Coulommiers, France
Aug 12th Laon/Couvron A/F, France
Aug 13th Brionne Area, France
Aug 14th Dijon/Longvic, France
Aug 15th Plantlunne, France
Aug 16th Magdeburg
Aug 24th Brunswick
Aug 25th Rostock
Aug 26th Ludwigshaven
Aug 27th Berlin

Mission Details

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August 1: Orleans/Bricy/Melun, France
Several airfields and oil tanks were bombed with fair to good results.

August 2: Peronne, France
3 squadrons attacked a railroad, a bridge, and an airfield. "Tar Heel Baby" aborted, ending it's streak of 63 consecutive completed missions.

August 3: Douai, France
335 500 pounders were dropped on an oil refinery with good results. Flames and thick black smoke were observed.

August 4: Rostock
An aero engine plant was hit with very good results. "Dry Run" (41-29137) was hit by flak and crashed, killing 3 crewmen, with 7 more taken prisoner. Photo

August 5: Fallersleben
An aero engine plant was hit with very good results. "Carolyn Sue" (42-95190) was hit by flak and crashed. 2 crewmen were killed and 9 were taken prisoner. Photo

August 6: Kiel
Oil storage dumps and a jet engine factory were hit by 4 squadrons with good results. Captain Donald Martin was awarded a cluster to his DFC for leading his squadron to the target through smoke, after having been hit by flak.

August 7: Brussels/Perrone
23 planes in 2 squadrons hit the marshalling yards at Brussels, while 6 planes flew with the 93rd to the rail bridges at Perrone.

August 8: Bretigny/Laon-Athies, France
2 airfields were attacked with good results.

August 10: Joigny/Laroche, France
A railroad bridge was hit and, by accident, another was hit as well. Stray bombs also landed on the marshalling yards and barges.

August 11: Coulommiers, France
28 planes bombed the airfield, including it's dispersal area, runways, and taxi trucks. Results were very good. There was no opposition.

August 12: Laon/Couvron airfields, France
Very good results were achieved on these 2 airfields.

August 13: Brionne area, France
A variety of targets were hit by the 446th, flying as part of a massive 1,264 plane mission supporting ground troops. Results were fair to good.

August 14: Dijon/Longvic airfield, France
33 planes bombed the airfield with excellent results.

August 15: Plantlunne airfield, France
21 planes hit the airfield, with 10 more bombing Hopsten airfield. Results were fair to good.

August 16: Magdeburg
32 planes hit the massive refinery through a smoke screen; flames were seen rising above the smoke.

August 24: Brunswick
39 planes bombed the Waggum airfield with good results. The first leaflet bombs were dropped on this mission. "Pistol Packin' Bomma II" (42-51278) received a direct flak hit shortly after dropping; 9 crewmen were killed and 2 were taken prisoner. "Classy Chassy" (42-95198) had some kind of serious malfunction. When the pilot yelled "crash", 2 crewmen bailed out immediately. The pilot was able to regain control of the plane, however, and return to base. The 2 crewmen were taken prisoner. Photo

August 25: Rostock
36 planes hit the Heinkel aero engine plant, amid accurate flak. Ronnie ended it's streak of 79 straight successful missions by aborting. "Happy Go Lucky" (42-52772) crashed into the North Sea, killing all 10 aboard. It is assumed it sufferred engine failure. Another plane (42-51086) also crashed, killing 4, with 7 others taken prisoner. Photos

August 26: Ludwigshaven
The chemical plant was hit in spite of intense, accurate flak. 3 planes were lost on this mission to a chemical and lubricating oil plant. An unnamed plane (42-50318) was hit by flak and crashed, killing 6, with 2 others taken prisoner and 2 evading capture. "Ginger" (41-29177) was also hit by flak, killing 5 with 5 more taken prisoner. Another unnamed plane (42-95626) received a direct flak hit and crashed, killing 3, with 5 others taken prisoner and 2 evading capture. Photos

August 27: Berlin
The mission was recalled.

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