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This website chronicles the history of the 446th, whose men bravely served in Europe in World War II. There are stories written by the men themselves and a memorial to the over 500 flyers whose missions never ended. You can read about the missions they flew over Nazi occupied Europe and about the famous B-24 Liberator.

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The flight crews were faithfully supported by:

Detachment "A" 1248th M.P.Co. (Avn)
460th Sub-Depot Class I
558th Army Postal Unit
559th Army Postal Unit
2967th Finance Detachment
212th Finance Section
2035th Engineering Aviation Fire Fighting Platoon
1214th QM Co. Service Group Avn (RS)
American Red Cross
Detachment "A" 885th Chemical Co.
1821st Ordnance Supply & Maintenance Company (Avn)
25th Station Complement Squadron (SP)
260th Medical Dispensary Avn (RS)
378th Air Service Group
Group HQ, 446th BG
815th Air Engineering Squadron
639th Material Squadron

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