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We are continually assembling our massive photo library into galleries, some of which are presented here. Clicking each title below will open the page in a new browser window. Simply close or minimize the new page window to return here. More photos will be added regularly.

Missions - By Month
January 1944 July 1944 December 1944
February 1944 August 1944 January 1945
March 1944 September 1944 February 1945
April 1944 October 1944 March 1945
May 1944 November 1944 April 1945
June 1944    

Crews - By Pilot
Albright & Frutchy Hevener, R. Perrier, J
Allen, D. Hey, J. Potis, Wilfred
Anderson, A. Hickerson, J. Powell, R.
Andrews, J. Hornbuckle, C. Quinn, J.
Armentrout, P. Hubbell, F. Reed, M.
Beadle, F. Hufstader, T. Reed, R.
Beasley, D. Jarrett, H. Repass, C.
Bensko, A. Kinney, J. Ribaudo, B.
Bergren, A. King, M. Roeller, H.
Bertelsen, R. Kinsella, W. Schreiber, H
Britton, L. Knopf, A. Scott, P.
Brosseau, J. Kulstad, L. Seaman, R.
Brown, T. Lajoie, R. Sherman, E.
Boyer, P. Larson, D. Shore, H.
Casteel, C. Larson, R. Simonsen, W.
Clowry, J Linko, G. Sodja, W.
Crook, F. Lloyd, A. Story, D.
Crosland, H. Lyons, S. Stratton, L.
Domke, M. Marxen, E. Surowiec, JJ

Feneis, L.

Mattes, G. Taylor, J.
Fierro, V. Mattson, J. Thera, F.
Frutchy, W. McCardle, V. Tompkins, A.
Fox, W. McDonald, E. M. Torney, E.
Fuchs, K. McGinnis, J. Tweedy, J.
Grace, W. McLeod, JC Underwood, K.
Griesinger, F. McKeny, C. Van Dessell
Griffin, W. Merriman, J. Vinski, J.
Griffith, V. Miller, CF Weideman, R
Goedell, R. Mincks, F. Wetzel, W.
Gore, R. Morris, R. Young, R
Haney, C. Neal R. Unknown
Hanna, W. Neely, C. Unknown
Haug, R. Park, P. Unknown
Helfer, C. Patoray, M. Welbourne, W & unkn crew
Henderson, O. W. Pearson, L Wingrove, R.

Ground Crews
705th Armament Crew 705th Armament Officers Ground crew 1
Crew of Shack II Ground Crew 2 Medical Section

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