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Books - 446th PX

cover Birth of the Bomber: The Story of the B-24 Liberator
VHS Only
cover B 24 Story
The first in a series created by a B-24 pilot. See how the B-24 Liberator was manufactured by 42,000 men & women at the Willow Run plant created by Henry Ford. Over one million parts came together to produce one B-24 per hour for the Arsenal of Democracy! VHS Only
cover WWII In Color
This collection of color footage shot during World War II focuses primarily on America's involvement in the war, beginning with Col. Jimmy Doolittle's legendary raid on Tokyo in 1942 and proceeding up to the liberation of the concentration camps in Europe. The footage assembled in this package is often quite fascinating, and while some of it is occasionally marred by scratches and other signs of age, the quality is generally very good. DVD - also available in VHS
cover The World At War - Complete Set
The World at War will remain the definitive visual history of World War II, analogous to Gibbon's Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. No serious historian should be missing The World at War in a collection, and no student should leave school without having seen at least some of its salient episodes. DVD - Also available in VHS
cover World War II - The Lost Color Archives
In the 1980s determined researchers began scouring the world for color film shot during World War II, and the result of their quest is spectacular. Seeing the war through the ubiquitous black-and-white footage has always made the experience somewhat distant, but in clear, crisp color, the enormity of the war and its horrors is startling and dramatic. DVD - Also available in VHS
cover Famous Planes: WWII Bombers
VHS Only

WWII Box Set
Directed by Frank Capra
VHS Only

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