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The following are biographies written by either the veterans or family members.
Joe Araiza Elmer Edgell William Pleimann
Edward Avena William Griffin crew Charlie Perry
Frank Baker Milton Gordon Joseph Quirk
Adolph Bialecki William Horean Paul Reignier
Bernard Brandon M. Browne Jarboe Antonio C. Rodriguez

Jacob Brogger

Adam Kubinciak Harold Roth
Richard Brown Einar Kurika Richard Scott
Thomas Brown William Lavonis Walter Stelkovis
Wayne Case Robert H. Lowry Jr. Jerry Strazza
Damon Cox Edward McDonald Erna Sittler Torney
Frank Dileva Neil Oatney Bill Turner
Marvel Domke   Ernest Yuhas
Howard Edmunds    

The following are real experiences written by members of the 446th. New stories will be added on a regular basis.

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